Ok, so in the beggining of june i was having some stomach problems so i saw a gastro doctor. i went for visit and had ended up having an endoscopy and was dianosed with stomach ulcers. this doctor prescribed me medication which seemed to do nothing. when i went back for a follow up appointment i told him the medication was doing nothing and that i was still experiencing many symptoms and my stomach was now extremely bloated and distended and i was having sever heartburn. He didnt examine me and just kept asking if i wanted to change the medication, he then prescribed me another medication and told me i just needed to wait for this to get better, this all within a 5 minute office visit. And never scheduled me for a follow up appointment. I realized the guy was an idiot and never went back. I waited until last monday for it to get better when i decided that it wasnt and went to the emergency room, within an hour there they found i had an intestinal blockage and got me into surgery that night. it makes me angry that he could have found that out in june and this all could have been taken care of then and it would have been taken care of and i wouldnt have had to suffer for months, and i really feel like he didnt really care how i felt or what possible danger i was in. Is that grounds to sue him though

Absolutely, although you should talk to a lawyer.

malpractice can be generally defined as substandard treatment by a physician or other healthcare professional that directly results in physical or economic damages to the patient. "Substandard" care refers to care that violates normal medical practices. Therefore, there are three factors that must be present to prove medical malpractice: liability, damages, and a direct causal link.

Inadequate care in and of itself does not amount to malpractice.

Medical malpractice can take many forms. Some examples are failure to diagnose a life-threatening disease, errors made in medication, surgical errors, failure to provide proper follow-up care, prenatal or delivery room errors, and miscalculations with anesthesia.

Aldous Huckelbucker
my dear friend, this is america. anything is grounds for a malpractice suit! i wasn't there but it sounds like this doctor would be worth taking off the roster of american professionals.

i would try http://www.badproducts.com . They helped me file a malpractice suit a year ago and i would highly reccomend them. they should be able to find you a lawyer in your area. good luck

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