What would be the Process to suing my landlord? What would you have to do? Would a lawyer take a case like this? I live in a apartment building, there is only one way to get in and out of the apartment building. There used to be two post to hold on to. but one of them has been broken since August of 2006. The landlord come here all the time and dont fix it. He just leave it. Right now it is winter and there is alot of snow and ice at times, but it hard sometimes to walk up and down on these steps, and than one of the post missing, you dont have any support. If someone was to slip and fall , hurt there back or even broke a bone. Due to the negligance of the landlord. Could you sue him for pain and suffering and stuff? What would be the proper steps in filing a lawsuit? What are somethings I would need to prove my case and win? I live in New York

have anyone ever heard of a case like this or similar to something like this?

The first thing you need to do is write your landlord a letter stateing that he needs to fix what is broken in the apartment. Make sure it is a register letter so you will have proof that he got it.

You also need to find and contact the housing authority in your city and tell them of your problems.

A lawyer might have asked if you did these things. Then you can tell them yes.

There are cases out there that yes a tenent has sued his landlord. But I dont think you can sue him for pain and suffering and stuff unless something happens first.

I would try the letter and calling the housing authority first then see about talking to a lawyer.

It needs to be documented and a certified letter needs to be sent to the landlord. You can also notify your local housing authority due to the fact there may be building code violations with the doors.

Cases like this are in the thousands I'm sure.

Suing just for money really makes me sick. Suing to right a wrong, thats a different story. Good Luck!

Actually, I did the easy search for you, here is some information regarding the state you live in, this should help you TONS. Good Luck!

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